Bayonne Ostomy Alliance

Mission statement: The Bayonne Ostomy Alliance is a volunteer based non-profit support group dedicated to providing mutual aid and education, information and advocacy for persons who have had or will have ostomy surgery (bowel or bladder diversionary surgery). And for their families.
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Bayonne Ostomy Alliance
125 W. 19th Street,
Bayonne, NJ 07002-1637
(201) 339-5251


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The Value of an Ostomy Visitor

There are times when a person can make a difference no one else can make... so it is with the ostomy visitor! Your value is literally beyond measure. It’s like dropping a pebble into a pool. It may seem like a small thing to those of you who volunteer... yet the rippling effect is expansive. Who knows how far it might go.

You help someone at a time when they are very vulnerable. They in turn might be the visitors of the future. Do you remember your ostomy visitor? Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly deal with this operation, a friendly face appeared at your hospital door (or home).

This person assured you he or she had once been the patient in the bed. They could also emphasize with your aches and pains, your depression, your fear of the future. You can reflect back on your questions when you first had surgery. Am I still lovable? How will I ever wear clothes? Will there be an odor? Won’t the pouch leak at an embarrassing moment? How well you probably remember these feelings.

The visitor somehow made you feel lovable. The idea dawned, if he or she could make it, you would too. The possibility of participating in your own ostomy care didn’t seem quite so overwhelming. Perhaps you could begin learning... one small step at a time. Yes, you might be thinking, wasn’t that visit the beginning of a turning point?

There was much to be done and perhaps miles to go but that was the First Step. You are Living Proof life goes on. You are out there doing the very thing the new patient wonders about. You are indeed a Symbol of Hope in the midst of their pain, confusion and fear. Making a visit may seem like a small thing to you. It is like Lighting a Candle Amidst the Darkness to the person with a new ostomy.

It is Helping Them to Help Themselves. Your generosity of time and caring is indeed “More Precious Than Gold.” If you weren’t blessed with an ostomy visitor. Remember the struggle you had finding answers to your questions? Then you met "That One" who was More Precious Than Gold... to the person with a new ostomy.


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You can contact us by using the form below. Just insert your first and last name, enter your email address (so we can get back to you). Add your message then hit submit. We will get back to you as quick as we can!

Or you can call us here: 201 - 339 - 5251

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If you are unable to attend our afternoon meetings. A member of the Ostomy Alliance will be available:

The 2nd Wednesday of each month
From: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Community Cancer Support Group Meeting
Bayonne Medical Center Cafeteria
(Family and friends are welcome)
Phone: 201-339-5251

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